is a cloud document imaging and management service offering you secure storage, retrieval, management, backup, remote access and distribution of electronic files. This solution is capable of storing scanned documents, video, audio or any other electronic files.

This easy-to-use solution is designed to fulfil the requirement of the company with a need to digitize documentation, but with limited resources to deploy enterprise imaging solution and technical expertise within the company.

The solution offers with
  • Easy setup
  • Wizard-driven configuration
  • Easy user interfaces
  • Expansion capability to Enterprise Imaging
  • Supports flatbed scanners and multi-functional devices
  • Supports black / white and color scanning
  • Supports the storage of any other file types (Word, Excel, Power Point, PDF, etc.)
  • Allows custom document classifications
  • Provides multiple-user simultaneous access to the documents
  • Easy-to-use search and retrieve facility
  • Direct e-Mail integration
  • Document security via user-restrictions
  • Efficient & Reliable protection of user data through:
  • automated and centralized backup and archival
  • easy and quick recovery
  • extensive centralized control and reporting on all backup and recovery activity
  • reduced infrastructure utilization and optimization of bandwidth and storage
  • Remote Internet access to backed-up documents
  • Secure environment and server-side backups
  • Internet retrieval from anywhere in the World
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