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COLD - Electronic Stationary

Computer Output to Laser Disk (COLD) is an old part of document management implementations. This technology allows to process electronic data streams (invoices, statements, etc) and present document to the end-user in a form of data superimposed over the electronic template, in other words – in a form of the human-readable document.

* Enterprise DMS architecture

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The technology designed to save on storage space. Let’s consider a generated statement document in text format, the size on single entry is roughly 2kb. On the other hand, reconstructed PDF document is roughly about 40kb (graphics, color and text). This is approximately 20 more in storage space. Now, consider a statement run with about 20000 documents, this would require 40Mb in COLD format versus 800Mgb in PDF, the space saving is considerable, isn’t it?

The COLD technology stores text files in its original format – text. It also has an electronic template, which is used to reconstruct documents on demand. When processing the file, data is extracted automatically from predefined positions and the record byte pointer is stored in the database. When searching for the document, the application knows exact position of data within large data file and is capable to extract and render document into human-readable format within seconds.

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  • Automated file processing
  • Data files are processed electronically from import queues.

  • Automated file processing
  • Key fields are electronically extracted and stored in the database for searching.

  • E-Templates
  • Information is rendered onto electronic color template, which is ready for distribution via e-mail or be printed.

  • 20X storage space saving
  • Considerable space savings on large statement or invoice data runs.

  • Retention policy
  • Retention periods can be applied to specific document types, and the data automatically deleted once the document reached the destruction age.

  • Full-color searchable PDF rendering
  • The final output is the full color searchable PDF document with client’s color schemes and branding.

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    * Raw input data


    * Reconstructed document

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