OpenSky Suite

Content management platform,
where sky is the limit!

Five in One suite is an electronic content management platform which consists of Advanced Document Processing & Scanning, Content Manager, Case Manager, Mailroom, Electronic Digital Signature and Mobile data delivery app. Years of experience brought to you by Irbis Technologies as out-of-the box platform with configurable modules. Each module logically interchanges information where data us protected by Advanced Security. Each module can independently deliver specific functionality or be combined into eco-system, managing vital pieces of information. This is no longer a Document Management System, this is a platform, which allows additional functionality to be delivered in a very short amount of time.

We have delivered a cost-effective solution, balanced by optimal implementation timeframes, rich functionality and quick return in investment. We are here to solve your information management challenges. We integrated with Microsoft Office, SharePoint and Sales Force. We have a number of tailer-made utilities to pull information from various sources, like shared drives, local hard drives and managed queues. We designed interfaces, which are easy to use and understandable by people with limited computer experience. We are now in competition with blue-chip software development houses.

How it works

OpenSky Suite is a successor of MyDocument and SBimage, built on latest technologies, and effectively becomes development platform for delivery of complex user requirements to align Content Management with business processes. Technically this application is written in .NET and utilises Web Services as a backend, which can also be used for integration purposes. Complete backword compatibility with previous versions makes migration of predecessors a relatively simple process.

Backend SQL server is a preferred storage database to maximise retrieval speed. All features related to document searching like wild-card and range searching are enhanced with keywords searching, cross-class searching, exclusion searching and few other methods, enabling quick and efficient document retrieval process. Some additional functionality has been now made available with the portal, such as Electronic Signature, processing of electronic forms, SMS and email bulk distribution.

Power security model takes care of unauthorised access across document types, so information is protected across departments and user roles. Static document library delivers all vital document templates to be managed by employees electronically.

Integration with Microsoft Office, allows for information indexing directly from your mailbox. This is an essential part of the solution and no longer an optional component. Flexible deployment model and various pricing models make this solution affordable for any size company. We are committed to improve this platform better and developing new modules on frequent bases.

The must-to-have Content Management platform, build using extensive knowledge, huge subject matter experience and understanding of client requirements.


Design and developed based on client requirements, this is some of the functionality offered by the solution:

  • Content storage
    Document storage in various electronic formats

  • Electronic signature
    Document signing using various methods

  • Advanced document scanning
    Document enhancements and accelerated capture functionality

  • Case management
    Workflow pre-defined case processing

  • Mail Room
    eMail team management from shared mailboxes

  • Cloud-based or on-premises deployment
    Flexible deployment on premises or use as shared or dedicated service

  • Microsoft Office integration
    Index documents directly from Outlook

  • Powerful document access security module
    Protect sensitive document types to specific people

  • Intuitive interface design
    Easy to use interface with minimal training needs

  • Unlimited taxonomy definition
    Unlimited document types for various department

  • Facility for development off additional modules
    Request new functionality specific to your business

  • Integrated PDF forms processing
    Data pushing and extraction from PDF forms