OpenSky DMS

Flexible and effective Document Management Solution designed for companies to take control over management of electronic content.

The solution with Intuitive user interfaces, great functionality of electronic forms handling, electronic signature, advanced scanning and open-ended possibility to implement new functionality is a must-to-have at any modern company.

Solution, which is built on years of experience, with the vision and requirements from real clients.

OpenSky Document Management Solution
document management solution

OpenSky Advanced Scanning

Advanced scanning application designed to work with any dedicated document scanner. Out of the box functionality such as barcode processing, image enhancements like deskew and despeckle, provides high volume quality output for Document Management portals.

Integration with Microsoft Sharepoint, SalesForce and number of other DMS platforms, provides an ability for implementation of this solution not only with OpenSky DMS, but with any other DMS provider.

Application, which can compete with leading brands in document scanning and processing.

OpenSky Advanced Scanning
advanced scanning

OpenSky Digital Signature

Convenience of signing documents electronically at your fingertips with rich functionality and easy to understand interfaces. This solution offers multiple signing technique, from manual signature using devices’ screen to advanced Digital Certificate signature.

Managed recipient lists and full audit history are just few of the available features. Protect signature by OTP. Sign documents by multiple signatories and create templates for signing documents individually.

Designed to simplify signing procedure and adjusted for very special client requirements.

OpenSky Digital Signature
digital signature

TimeLog Time tracking

A web-based perfect tool for individuals and teams who need to track, analyze, and invoice their time. Easy-to-understand graphical reports and data listing make TimeLog a perfect tool for planning, managing and controlling your time and time of your team members.

Created for freelancers, small businesses, and professional teams from a variety of industries like designers, architects, lawyers, accountants, non-profits, and universities. Designed by developers for developers.

Built and aligned for internal use, but released commercially, based on stability and usability.

Timelog Time Tracking
time tracking