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Move your business into
a cutting edge electronic world!

Our Mobile app development evolved around our mainstream solution – Enterprise Content Management. We can turn your smartphone into a workstation and instantly deliver critical data, images and electronic forms directly into your line-of-business solutions. Document Scanning, Electronic Signature, barcode scanning and data capturing are the main components of our mobile solution. This electronic delivery assumes that no further data capturing is required as it's already been completed by your customers, agents or employees participating in this process. Get rid of paper, scanning and additional inefficient data capture.

We can also integrate data collected on smartphones with your existing line-of-business solutions. We provide a simple-to-use, extremely powerful and robust solutions, designed for instant information delivery. We enforce the rules and provide compliance. Electronic forms provide a real paperless environment, where data is extracted electronically and stored into DMS for further workflow processing and reporting. We all adopted smartphones into our lives with ease, we can now start doing more business away from office, using mobile technology.

How it works

Mobile apps are now widely used within various business environments. Applications developed in native Java, provide a great variety of features, which might be limited in web apps. Our mobile edition of OpenSky DMS platform, delivers a range of essential features, such as Ad-hoc Data Capture, Image processing with conversion to various formats and resizing to minimise data transfer, Barcode processing, GPS capture and management of electronic forms.

The latest smartphone replaces document scanner, electronic signature pad, data capture device and barcode scanner. The solution is designed to deliver a number of benefits, such as Instant data delivery, no additional data capture, no document scanning, increased data accuracy, availability on any Android device, direct integration with OpenSky DMS suite.

Get rid of paper, scanning and additional inefficient data capture. Move your business into a cutting-edge electronic world, enforce business rules and implement compliance.


  • Image Capture
    Our solution has flexible image capturing faciliaites using a smartphone’s camera, with automatic image conversion to grayscale to reduce transmission size of the image.

  • Electronic forms
    Editable electronic forms can be set up in our solution, with an identical look to your current paper version, with your logo and branding.

  • Customization
    Our solution can be customised to enable a better fit of the overall solution with your organisation, making this application a tailor-made solution.

  • Manual data entry
    There is also a facility to capture data manually or select from drop-down configurable lists. A variety of configurable data-entry fields are available and can be programmed by you to meet your own needs.

  • Data validation / extraction
    Real-time data validation from line of business solutions to prevent data capturing errors; extraction of data from electronic forms.

  • Document signing
    The solution has the facility to sign documents using a smartphone’s screen. The GPS coordinates of the transaction are recorded for security purposes.

  • Barcode scanner
    The solution has real-time data validation from your line-of-business solutions to prevent data capturing errors; extraction of data from electronic forms.

  • Powerful reporting
    Our solution has a powerful reporting framework and statistical analysis supported with graphs and numerical text, based on your special requirements, can be provided

  • Online DMS
    Our solution has a powerful cloud-hosted document search and retrieval back-end, using an integrated Online Document Management System. The image repository is hosted by VOX Telecom..