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Accelerated document processing

Recently, we came across a requirement, where the client receives an A4 page, with multiple waybills attached. The page can contain anything between 1 and 8 attachments. Waybills are positioned in varions directions. Each attachment is identified by linear barcode and QR code.

The final result is a series of images, containing one single waybill in PDF format. In case of barcode recognition failure, the document manual identification is applied. In order to identify the document area, the user draws document area with the mouse, where the waybill is extracted from.



  • Pages are scanned in batch mode at 300 DPI
  • 3 types of barcodes are detected (128, 3 of 9 and QR code)
  • Zones are automatically detected based on barcode position
  • Expecting 1 to 8 documents on a page
  • Document is sliced into zones, each slice is saved as PDF
  • 90% barcode reading accuracy
  • 10% manual indexing, mostly adjusting document zone
  • Manual facility to identify unrecognised documents
  • Saving paper, saving manual labor, enhancing process!
  • We saving 300 pages per 100 documents scanned

  • Manual region identification

    Advanced Mail Merger

    The new "Mail Merger" application allows to create Letters from PDF templates, merged with data provided in CSV files.

    Final document can be protected, signed with digital certificate or password-protected.

    Simple configuration of data fields, and variety of options create pleasant user-experience and overall usability of the application.

    This applicaiton is piloted at Nedbank in Cape Town with initial 4 letters to be generated.

    Mobile Data Delivery

    Using a combination of mobile and web-based technologies, collect data in a field and store documents and pictures in a cloud.

    Andoid app

    Collect data

    Complete and sign eForms

    Collect images & Documents

    Store documents in our secure cloud or your own web server www.MyDocument.co.za


    Barcode & OCR Processing

    The scanning requirement involved processing of an application form with Optical Character Recognition on the fornt page and barcode recognition (x2) on the back page. The final result is 2-page PDF document with indexing criteria embedded into the filename.

  • Scan batch of application forms in duplex
  • OCR some text on front page
  • Recognize two barcodes on back page
  • Identify if barcode one or two is present
  • Export document as multiple page PDF

  • Image Cleanup

    Using our new Android app with Smart Scanner, you can now scan and optimize documents on a device and deliver directly into your line of business system.

    This is a great alternative to document scanners for agents on a road! Let us know if you need more details on this product.

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    Using our ClickIndex application, you could classify your document with a single mouse click!

    Just create the multi-level XML taxonomy anmd you are ready to start clicking :)

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    Mobile clocking

    Onsite device

    Andoid app

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