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PDF Management tools

Designed to manage, convert, re-format and re-generate PDF documents, the community-edition offers majority of Pro version. Full text OCR and other PDF management features come handy in any environment for people working with PDF documents.

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The application is designed to manipulate PDF documents without having to install a full version of Adobe Acrobat.

The development of the application started by combining test functionality from various implementations into common application interface, so it could be used by all developers in the company. Historically that functionality existed in a number of test applications. It was inconvenient searching for specific function and the decision was made to combine all these features into one common application.

We are constantly improving this application and the plans exist to bring TIFF manipulation functionality into this program.


  • Remove blank pages
  • Split PDF
  • Merge Pages
  • Convert PDF to TIFF
  • Protect PDF
  • Count pages
  • Read data from Editable forms
  • Convert PDF to searchable


Page count
Full text OCR