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My Document is a tailor-made hosted document management solution for small enterprises and private entities, who need to store electronic documents, but would rather concentrate on their core business. This solution takes care of storage needs, security, hardware, backups, retention policies and other aspects of document management workflow, which in most cases requires considerable investments. Online demo.

* Solution architecture

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The online document hosting repository enables customers to store scanned documents in secured environment without considerable investment into Microsoft SQL Server, Hardware, bandwidth and other purchases normally associated with document imaging.

Information is securely stored inside dedicated SQL database, which is accessible by authorized personnel. Documents are automatically uploaded into the repository after scanning and classification is completed on the client computer.

All solution interfaces are easy to navigate, and the documents are available anywhere in the World just by a few mouse clicks. This is of course, assuming that the user has the correct level of access to requested documents.

All functionality of the user front-end can be configured and specific access granted or declined to certain features, like facility to delete or update document meta-data.

The solution can also be utilized by the scanning bureaus, where the scanned documents need to be delivered to the customers after bulk scanning. So, instead of running physical delivery from the bureau to the client network using some kind physical media, the documents are uploaded into web-based portal and immediately available for retrieval. The document export is also available directly from the system, using universal web services.

The reporting facility enables to run management reports to address most-common problems related to document scanning, for example: Missing POD, Unmatched documents, documents expiring within specific period of time, etc.

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  • Document scanning
  • Image enhancements, Barcode processing, Patch code recognition, Batch scanning, Blank page removal, Punch hole removal, Deshade and Deskew, Black – border removal, Basic zonal OCR

  • Document Classification
  • Manual indexing, Automated indexing using barcode & OCR, Line of business data validation, Indexing queues, Exception reporting

  • Storage
  • Secure protected storage, Multiple access levels, Automated archival, Automated retention schedules, Facility to store any file formats (PDF, Images, Office files, Mail, Audio & Video), COLD / EDI

  • Search & Retrieve
  • Wild-card searching, Cross document class searching, Range searching, B2B integration

  • Web retrieval
  • Intranet & Intranet access, Cross-browser compatibility, Common document format conversion (PDF)

  • Distribution (export)
  • Bulk export facilities, Data delivery on CD and other removable media

  • Archival
  • Rule-based archival

  • Destruction (retention)
  • Automated destruction policies

  • Integrated & custom components
  • API and SDK for integration, Web Services for cross-platform integration

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    * Client-specific customisation


    * Search results


    * Advanced reporting


    * Windows client

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