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OpenSky - Advanced document scanning

OpenSky Scanning is a omprehensive scanning solution with facility to configure multiple scanning profiles and indexing rules. Easy to use solution with various image enhancements, barcode recognition, document routing, integration with SharePoint, Microsoft Dynamics and SalesForce. Thumbnail viewer and document composition functionality are just some of the features received in out-of-the box implementaiton. Designed to work with any ISIS or TWAIN compatible scanners allows to upgrade your scanner to a faster model at any time.

Integration with signature pad and electronic forms management provide powerful functionality to manage documents electronically instead of printing and scanning them back into DMS.

* Architecture & features

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Document scanning is a process of converting paper documents into electronic format. One of the most important aspects of this process is final image quality, flexibility to export documents into various DMS systems and streamlining the process, introducing the maximum levels of automation.

Pages must be separated into documents, and strict quality control measures must be implemented. Having this in mind, we know that documents being scanned come in different quality, printed on various types of paper and contain various color schemes.

So, the challenge is to streamline this process and deliver good quality, readable documents to the business. OpenSky Advanced Scanning takes care of all these challenges.

The application is capable of connecting to any ISIS or TWAIN scanner, starting from small desktop scanner with the capacity of 20 pages per minute and going over to production machines with the capacity of scanning around 120 pages per minute.

The application supports configuration of scanning profiles, whereby the user can define indexing keys, types of image enhancements to be used, as well as the final destination of the PDF documents.

The indexing information which is manually captured can be verified against line of business solutions. Batch scanning allows document separation using barcode, patch code, blank pages or number of pages within the document.

The solution is flexible to be implemented in any environment where the image quality, scanning control and electronic document management has high importance to the business.

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Image Processing

Background dropout, Border removal, Crop, Deskew, Dilation, Erosion, Halftone removal,
Hole removal, Scaling, Skeleton, Smoothing, Overscan removal, Document Invertion,
Line removal, Noise removal, Electronic Stamping, Rotation, Blank page removal.

  • Barcode recognition
  • 27 barcode types recognition, including QRCode and PDF417

  • Scan profiling
  • Facility to create different types of scanning into different profiles, for example: Office scanning – scan @ 200 dpi, with no image processing and one key to index. Invoice scanning – scan @ 300 dpi with barcode recognition, image enhancements and automated indexing.

  • Scanner Independent
  • Utilize any TWAIN or ISIS compatible scanner: Desktop, Workgroup or Production machine.

  • Document thumbnail viewer
  • Pages are represented as thumbnails and logically grouped into documents for ease of management.

  • Batch separation
  • Batches are separated by barcode, patch code, blank page and some other media options. Pages are automatically grouped into documents.

  • Multi-level indexing
  • Facility to classify documents on multiple keys, and inert-dependent selectors, for example Country > Province > City

  • Flexible document export
  • Document export facility into Searchable PDF, SharePoint, MS Dynamics, SalesForce and SBimage. Facility to customize export based on client needs.

  • Document annotations
  • Facility to electronically annotate documents at scanning time and manually post-scanning.

  • Electronic forms management
  • Facility to manage editable PDF forms as part of scanning process. For example an electronic application form is accompanied by a number of scanned documents.

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    * Main scanning interface


    * Forms management


    * Image enhancements


    * HD Camera integration


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