SBimage Enterprise

is a secure document management solution, which enables rapid implementation of the Enterprise-wide Imaging.

This product suite consists of the following modules:
  • Document acquisition (scanning)
  • Classification (indexing)
  • Storage (repository)
  • Search & Retrieve
  • Web retrieve
  • Distribution (export)
  • Archival
  • Destruction (retention)
  • Back-scanning services (optional)
  • Data validation (optional)
  • Integrated & custom components
  • SBimage application suite enables your company to scan and classify paper documents using barcode, electronic print recognition, Optical Character Recognition, Intelligent Character Recognition or manual classification.

    Digitizing paper-based documents eliminates the need for manual filing, retrieval and refilling of documents from either onsite or offsite storage facilities. It saves administrative time, storage costs, improves customer satisfaction and provides immediate, shared access to stored documents.

    This cost-effective solution is designed to radically improve the way in which your company can respond to day-to-day business requirements. It provides a secure, digital information management solution that enables your employees and customers to collect, store, manage and retrieve electronic documentation, in a structured and secure framework.

    Modular approach of the solution allows implementing single user environment and growing the solution to enterprise-wide strength.

    The application provides four levels of security; the groups of documents or specific document can be accessed by only authorized personnel. The common document repository is capable of hosting documents from various business units with or without sharing these documents.

    All information can be simultaneously accessed by various employees. User-friendly interfaces provide minimum need for change control for the people to adopt the solution.

    Furthermore, the solution can be integrated with the off-site storage services. The electronic documents are available with a mouse-click, and the meta-data has the pointer to the physical location of the documents, so the original document can be easily retrieved from the archive. The solution is capable of handling large volumes of information and multiple departmental and user access.