SBimage COLD

(electronic stationary) is designed to process and render text-based linear data into presentable PDF documents. Effectively, this is an electronic stationary. The COLD processing engine receives the print-stream from line-of-business application and renders it into PDF or TIF documents. Some typical examples of documents are: Statements, Invoices, Pay slips, IRP5 documents to name, but a few.

This stream is electronically parsed and the indexing information is extracted. The print-stream is stored electronically in a text format, which minimizes storage requirements. The document is reconstructed with the electronic template once recalled by the user. In essence, there is only one template image is stored for the entire document class. The module provides full-text searching facility on the line-item data. The final output can be configured and represented as text, PDF, color JPG or XML formats, depending on client requirement.

The module also provides a flexible plug-in facility to convert information received in UNIX or Linux formats. This provides possibility of integration with any operating system. This COLD solution assumes no manual intervention with the received data, the files are processed automatically from beginning to the end. Utilizing this sub-system provides your users with the facility to access archived information and recall the document under 5 seconds. This solution can also be utilized to match your line-of-business information versus received and scanned documents.

COLD module is integrated directly with SBimage for document storage or can also be used as a stand-alone processor.