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Freelancers, small businesses, and professional teams from a variety of industries including designers, architects, lawyers, accountants, non-profits, and universities. TimeLog is the perfect tool for individuals and teams who need to track, analyze, and invoice for their time. Easy-to-understand graphical reports and data tables makes TimeLog a perfect tool for planning, managing and controlling your time and time of your team members. Enjoy the access to a comprehensive view of time utilization across all team members, clients and projects. Sign-up NOW.

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TimeLog is a comprehensive online timesheets tracking portal which enables individuals and companies to manage time easily and efficiently. Powerful visual reports, easy billing, project documentation management, budget analysis and online timesheet approvals will help to manage time more efficiently, save money and improve customer satisfaction. Discover how TimeLog can help you work better today.

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  • Simple Time Recording
  • Record all daily activities and track time spent on shared and private projects. Track billable, non-billable and special time.
  • Powerful Time Analytics
  • Make informed decisions based on project allocation, control budgets and maintenance contracts. Control billable hours, project allocation, additional expenses and track travel to clients.
  • Online Timesheets Approval
  • Grant your customers access into relevant projects and allow electronic timesheet approvals.
  • Easy invoicing and Payroll integration
  • Include recorded time into your invoices for confident billing. Export recorded time into selected payroll applications for salaries.

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  • Web-based portal access: no Installation
  • Start using immediately, without installing any software on your PC, as long as you have internet access and the browser, you are sorted.

  • Shared timesheets tracking
  • Share progress on projects from multiple users.

  • Dedicated Customer Support
  • Our support and development teams are ready to assist on case of problems or usability challenges, we are call or e-mail away!

  • Budget Management
  • Manage project budgets taking into consideration various charge rates of different resources.

  • Client management
  • Manage client information on-line, produce client or project-specific reports within specified date-ranges.

  • Visual reports
  • Comprehensive reporting facility with export to printable format and Excel just a click away.

  • Timesheet approvals
  • Enable Timesheet approvals, the feature whereby the client can review and approve hours spend on specific task.

  • Location Map
  • Location map enables to record geographical coordinates at the time of completing the timesheet, providing an extra prove of presence at specific place.

  • Document library
  • Simple document library to store templates of call reports, delivery notes and important other important documents like company policies.

  • 99.9% Uptime and 24/7 Monitoring
  • Dedicated server with guaranteed 99.9 up-time, automatically monitored for any failures and faults.

  • Daily Data Backups
  • Automated daily data backup, just in case something goes wrong…

  • On-line secure payment
  • Settle your account on-line by credit card or instant EFT, using secure payment gateway.

  • Free instant trial
  • Try it out and see if this works for you: www.timelog.co.za

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