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DMS bundle for Human Resources

Failure to submit your employment equity forms can raise penalties of up to R2.7 million or 10% of your turnover

What is The Purpose of EEA1 Form?

The Employment Equity Act requires employers to do an analysis of their workforce profile. Workers can complete the EEA1 to assist employers with this analysis.

Who Fills in This Form?

To get information from workers on a voluntary basis, to assist employers with analysing their workplace profile.

The information in the form must be confidential, and employers may only use it to comply with the Employment Equity Act.

Department of Labour, South Africa

Out of the box "SBimage solution for HR" is designed to collect, classify and manage information efficiently using the following process:

  • Scan documents or import existing electronic documents (PDF, TIF, JPG, WORD)
  • Classify documents based on ID number, name and / or document type (EEA1 Form, ID Book, contract, etc)
  • Store the documents in a secure repository on a central server or SBimage cloud
  • Recall documents on-demand by all authorised users, at any branch
  • Apply additional document-level security per document type if required
  • Produce exceptions report on missing essential documents
  • Provide a facility for electronic document distribution

Bundled with Kodak i2820 document scanner, which scans 60 pages a minute, this solution is no-brainer for any HR department!

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* Document upload


* Search results


* Document display


* Advanced reporting

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