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Hotel Tyla

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Hotel Tyla
Hotel Tyla is located in a beautiful Birzai park, near the Kiluciai Lake.

Situated in spectacular park near Birzai, hotel Tyla brings relaxation, peace and home comfort to its visitors. Exquisite cuisine from local chef will satisfy the pickiest gourmet. Local attractions will keep guests occupied for duration of stay. Unbeatable hospitality of Lithuanian hosts creates an unforgettable experience of this place which stays forever in your memory.

Hotel Tyla

Tyla Wood Production company — the owner of Hotel Tyla and our customer, accepted our expertise and gave us full carte blanch in realizing our ideas in this project. Our track record proves that this is the best way to get maximum results from our engagement. Our task was to create maximum innovative project, but designing interfaces, using progressive and easy-to-use animation, which can be fully understood and navigated by the end user. We have chosen wide screen format to present the hotel, but also the neighbouring town Birzai. We were delighted to receive high appreciation and gratitude from our client on completion.

  • Web Design
  • Front-end
  • Back-end
  • Graphic design
  • Fully responsive
  • Usability / User-friendly
  • SEO optimize
  • Multilingual

Brand Stylescape

As soon as we saw the project material, we decided that ecology-theme is most suitable to deliver the project. Therefore, the predominate colour is green. The fonts were carefully selected from modern styles. Clean lines, wide screen design and special colour correction created a feeling of purity, lightness and novelty in the ancient European town.

Hotel Tyla stylescape