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Cape Traveller

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Cape Traveller
Tailor made tours in South Africa, creating life-long experiences.

Maria is a very special lady with passion and love for South Africa. A true connoisseur of African culture and beaty. Amazing tours around Cape Town and surrounding areas leave unforgettable touch of African nature to Cape Town visitors. Maria can fluently speak in three languages – Russian, Ukrainian and English, sharing true African vibes with her patrons.

Cape Traveller

The Cape Traveller project is our most sensual work because it is inspired by Africa through the eyes of a special woman. We have created a unique and refined website mechanism to make it compact and convenient for any user. We also created unique animated elements to bring static photos to life. This project combines several innovative technical ideas and design inspiration to reflect the breathtaking beauty of Maria du Plessis' trips to Africa.

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Brand Stylescape

It was very easy to decide on the style of the site after talking to this beautiful and elegant woman in love with Africa. The main colours are always elegant white color and delicate shadows. We also used the classic colours of Africa, black and khaki as secondary colours. We made an exclusive animated site header using the symbol of Cape Town — Table Mountain as the main element of the design. Cape Traveller is a mirror reflecting Africa through the eyes of a beautiful woman.

Cape Traveller stylescape